Rainie dating jamie sale dating

10-Nov-2019 06:51

With their relationship beginning to surface, Rainie decided to talk about her boyfriend on a Taiwanese variety show.She praised Ronghao for his maturity, his willingness to take care of others, and his ability to cook for himself.Thank you for saying yes.” It may be surprising to know that her artiste status once made her feel like disclosing her relationship was wrong.When she went on dates, she would have the desire to let go of the other person’s hand.His arm was tightly wrapped around her shoulder while Rainie smiled brightly.The intimate picture fueled their dating rumors even more, but he deleted it soon after.

Instead, what she notices first in a guy is his height and bone structure.

But Ronghao was able to change Rainie’s perspective on love, thus, she can love calmly with Ronghao by her side.