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It would be a great pity if this were to become its dominant reputation, for it is, as we should expect, a work of extensive and careful scholarship, raising serious if unfashionable questions ... SCM Study Guide: New Testament Books, together with its companion volume on New Testament Interpretation, offers an up-to-date, accessible introduction to this fast-changing area of theological study.

A genius for leadership is self-evident and yet John Adair, the internationally renowned author and consultant on leadership, finds that little has been said ...

There are a limited number of more or less fixed points, and between them phenomena to be accounted for are strung along at intervals like beads on a string according to the supposed require­ments of dependence, diffusion and development.

New absolute dates will force reconsideration of relative dates, and the intervals will contract or expand with the years available.

No longer seen as an exclusively artistic or religious calling, or simply referring to the caring professions, vocational living with its risk, creativity and rich rewards is open to all - individuals and organizations alike. 'A combination of solid scholarship and living religion of a rare kind . John For Today, like the author's earlier best-selling book Paul for Today, combines fresh accessible scholarship with an exploration of the gospel's significance for the contemporary Church and wider world.

The Gospel's historical origins, distinctive features and literary patterns are ...The immediate effect was greatly to extend the time span.