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22-Jul-2020 14:39

The study, published in , was funded by the Medical Research Council and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

Sean’s eye is caught by Mary Kate, a beautiful but poor maiden who is the younger sister of ill-tempered Will “Red” Danaher, who did what he could to drive a wedge between them.

BBSRC is pleased to have helped support the largest genetic study of human hair colour.

It has provided some fascinating insights into what makes us such distinct individuals." Researchers have discovered that protection from the most severe form of malaria is linked with natural variation in human red blood cell genes.

Now researchers at the University of Edinburgh have looked at DNA from almost 350,000 people who had taken part in the UK Biobank study.

The study focused on people of European descent because they have greater variation in hair colour.

In addition to the redhead genes, the researchers uncovered differences in almost 200 genes associated with blondes and brunettes.