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He played the character as a manic-depressive who hates himself.

He felt invading the private fantasies of the author as he was reading the novel.

That was when he slept with the director and some of the crew members. The little bitch was then killed by someone who was not to be identified and was later to be called Lord Voldemort.

It was said that this was one of the most applauded scenes and probably one of the very difficult scenes in the movie.

It was on December 11, 2007, Summit Entertainment revealed that they got Robert Pattinson for the role of Edward Cullen.

Stephenie Meyer even commented on her website about her excitement over Summit Entertainment’s choice for Robert Pattinson.

He found it difficult to put contact lenses to change the color of his eyes while filming.

Robert Pattinson has never looked better than in this scene from the Twilight sequel New Moon where he takes off his shirt to reveal his sparkly skin in order to provoke the Volturi. However, the Robert Pattinson style is a style many boys are trying to get and yet it is difficult to catch the very essence of his specific look. He is practically in love with all sorts of shirts, especially those with long sleeves. His way of clothing can be described as casual yet he looks very handsome and elegant.

When the shooting started, Pattinson had lost 30 pounds since the last time director Catherine Hardwicke had seen him. When he attends celebrity gatherings it is highly likely he would put on something very different which is a result of his extravagant nature.

He is currently in a highly publicized relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. He enjoyed playing the guitar and keyboard and he liked to read, aside of course from acting, these were the things he liked doing. This is what he misses the most, live performances, which he cannot do anymore because of his popularity as Edward Cullen.

He does not like his live performances being played on You Tube.

After that, Pattinson felt the need to change is appearance so that he could get other roles and would not be very much attached and limited to that role or character.