Rowupdating is not firing in gridview asp net latino ladies dating marrage

14-May-2020 17:22

The exact situation I faced is like this – I have a Grid View with a column which contains an edit button.

The button is associated with the Command Name property as “Edit”.

Solution: Change in Page_Load in code behind because there was some logic which was handling what to do when Page. After "better" defining what to do on postback everything worked as expected. Is Post Back and if changing it solves you problems.

I came across a very interesting error while using buttons/link buttons in the Grid View for editing the Grid View rows data.

Thx Hello Juri, As far as I know grid server events won't fire if we use client-side binding, unless we set the "Enable Post Back On Row Click" property to true. Is there another way for gaining the client-side mechanisms such as asynchronous paging and data fetching (through webservice) and having actions etc.

So one suggestion is to delete the record is, attach a handler to grid's client event and check for the commandname whether it is delete or not. So basically what you're telling me is that if you want to use ajax-enabled grid with client-side binding you have to do EVERYTHING over the webservice. post back just normally to the server as you would expect from a standard grid?

I don't like to do this however since then, every click on the row causes a postback which I don't really like.

rowupdating is not firing in gridview asp net-24

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Following is the sample that I have tested: I have the same issue. When I change my browser in compatibility mode to IE 8,9,10 it fires the item_Command event but when edge is selected it does not. I have been struggling for it for more than 3 days. Hello Sahib, I have tested the same example in IE 11 and the event is firing as expected on it too.

“Delete” – Raises the Row Deleting and Row Deleted events. “Page” – Raises the Page Index Changing and Page Index Changed events.

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