Rowupdating is not firing in gridview asp net groom love dating ru

14-May-2020 17:22

Thx Hello Juri, As far as I know grid server events won't fire if we use client-side binding, unless we set the "Enable Post Back On Row Click" property to true. Is there another way for gaining the client-side mechanisms such as asynchronous paging and data fetching (through webservice) and having actions etc.

So one suggestion is to delete the record is, attach a handler to grid's client event and check for the commandname whether it is delete or not. So basically what you're telling me is that if you want to use ajax-enabled grid with client-side binding you have to do EVERYTHING over the webservice. post back just normally to the server as you would expect from a standard grid?

If the issue persists on your end, please open a regular support ticket and provide a sample, runnable project that replicates the problem, so we can test it locally.

Best Regards, Konstantin Dikov Telerik Hi all, although it is old post I can see there are some issues with Rad Grid On Item Command event not firing in other posts so I'll post mine problem/solution also.

Problem: The method that supposed to execute on button event(click) was not executing at all.Best wishes, Yavor the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?So when we use these special key words as the Command Name for the buttons in the Grid View, they automatically invoke the built in functionality of the Grid View when we click on the button.

As our code does not handle those events hence they throw an exception.

Providing the markup and the relevant part of your code-behind will also prove helpful. Regards, Konstantin Dikov Telerik Show Status Bar="true" Auto Generate Columns="False" Allow Sorting="True" Allow Multi Row Selection="False" Allow Paging="True" On Insert Command="Balance Adjustment_Item Com" On Need Data Source="Balance Adjustment_RDGV_Need Data Source"Hello Ali, I have tested your Rad Grid settings with dummy data and when I have attached a handler for the server-side On Item Command event, it fires as expected when you click on the button from the template column.

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