Rules dating book review 100 freenaughtychat

20-Jan-2020 14:12

This kind of development not only would have explained her obsessive attachment to Puff, but also would have been hilarious, as Silas was determined to hide his other nature from her.

It would have opened up other doors to show how tortured Silas was at keeping his secret from her and could have showed his worry over whether or not she would have loved him if she knew the truth about him.

She’s been raised never to trust a dragon, but never did making a deal with the devil feel so good…

Not exactly my idea of a whirlwind romance or how you should treat someone whom she thinks of as: Her thoughts and her actions are always two very disconcertingly separate things.

Plus, Gwennore, who is revered for her intelligence and cleverness, takes almost the entire book to figure it out that Silas and her beloved dragon, Puff, are one and the same, something that is painstakingly obvious to readers.

Luckily, another dragon, whom she laughingly dubs Puff, saves her from crashing to her death and agrees to chase after Eviana.

Gwennore then winds up in Norveshka, a land where dragons and humans live in harmony.

For God’s sake, the man is divulging to her Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon throughout the novel, and this isn’t enough to give her a clue.

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