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The debilitating 32C heat on the day, and a dust storm, meant only 18 runners completed the race and, when the crowd saw Lorz romping home in first place, there was much rejoicing.Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, was even on hand to crown Lorz with a laurel wreath, but it was then that the muttering started and his triumphant day began to unravel.And it’s nothing to do with bulging calf muscles, toned forearms or washboard abs.The research was carried out by researchers from the University of Cambridge and University College London, who analysed 542 male competitors taking part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon and discovered that the better the runner, the more likely they were to have the opposite sex swooning at their feet.It means that men who could run long distances were more attractive to women – a trait the researchers say has persisted through the generations.’ The boffins discovered by photocopying the runners’ handprints and measuring race times and other data that the best half marathoners tended to have longer ring fingers, which is often a sign that they had been exposed to higher than average levels of testosterone in the womb.

In the 1650s the menfolk deigned to let the women join in and the Shepherdess Race was born.

The contemporary English equivalent of this German festivity was the ‘smock race’, which was a staple of country fairs up and down the country from the 17th century to the early 19th century, and while these events were not renowned for their violence, they were competitive.

As the name suggests, the winner received a smock of fine linen in recognition of her athletic prowess, but from time to time there was another prize on offer – a shiny new husband.

Male marathoners around the country welcomed the conclusions of the ground-breaking study, and added an extra tempo run to their training regimes.

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3/ The real run streak German sex therapist Dr Peter Niehenke is considered by many of his patients to be a guru on all matters carnal, but it is his running exploits that have made him something of a celebrity in Germany. He’s always out on the roads around his home in Freiburg, clocking up the miles and working on his stamina.This means they not only have better cardiovascular efficiency but also a strong sex drive and high sperm count, suggesting that historically they were chosen by women as more desirable mates.