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What they didn’t know, is that I had already decided I was going to flip this entire show on its head and pile drive these producers into the ground for the shit they were pulling. I guarantee you this series is going to run as long as you want to make it. Don’t believe the hype.” Over the course of that year, I saw Ryan go from being a scarred kid who was wildly swinging at anyone trying to put their hands on him… I heard those conversations, because at that point, they all knew that Ryan and I had the same representation, although slightly different interests.

What they thought was a petty ghost hunter, was actually a loose cannon, as I didn’t need Paranormal State for ANYTHING. But when you get my team behind you, you had better fight with everything you have.” Because Ryan and I would often talk about our plans on set, the audio guys started hearing bits and pieces of our conversations, which SCARED THE LIVING SHIT out of those producers. to a calm, cold and calculating man who now walked with a swagger. In fact, many of the cast members they wanted to replace, in which the A&E executives voiced this almost DAILY. So rather than try to fight with me, they thought the "pull me to the side approach" may work.

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This “brand” was being sold to commercial buyers for MILLIONS of dollars every week, as Ry sat handcuffed by a contract that a “motherly” figure handed him.

The secondary cast members were either working for free…

or getting 0 per episode, which each episode takes three days to film.

it wasn’t even in the BALLPARK of what he should have been making. which in my opinion, was the single worst contract I have ever seen in my 15 years in the entertainment business.

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And the worst part about it was, he had told me that he had NO representation. And my early history is in the entertainment field is in the music business, which is legendary for bad contracts.

But since they were paying me to sit still, I was “ok” with that in the beginning.

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