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But at the same time, he was also frustrated with many aspects of what I already knew were going to come his way.At that time, I was having my own battles with my show, which had nothing to do with me personally, but none the less, after working for a year on a truly futuristic ghost hunting show, my boss, My. and was taking all his goodies with him, which included RISING, which meant legal battles were immenent, which I ultimately knew would be the death of RISING, as Spielberg’s focus was going to be his feature films… Then I finally watched an episode in which Ryan, a hardened “Catholic”, rowed a boat out into the water with Eilfie, a Pagan, who began some whack ass ritual, in which she was calling on the arch angels. There’s not much difference between love and hate, as both are passionate responses, which is all I’ve ever strived for. :) Some one who a very good friend if his Chad Calek is recently fighting his own illness. Anyone who says anything different is absolutely lying. 3.) I know EXACTLY what is going on with Ryan, and trust me when I tell you that NOBODY else knows the full story.

While Ryan was making more, for a lead of a successful show… And he didn’t get one because he had a “motherly” relationship with the Executive Producer that serviced him the contract that I would later read…Having said that, there are COUNTLESS reasons why some orders do not show up. Reasons such as an old address being associated with your order. Also, this week, now that I've been cleared to work from home, we will begin shipping orders that came in during my hospital stint. When it comes to Ryan, the question I've received over and over again… His enthusiasm for his conference was second to none, while his overall enthusiasm for everything he wanted to accomplish in the field was unmatched. I remember having a conversation with Joey, in which I said, “If I plug into this kid, this industry is going to feel it. And somehow, he’s still alive and moving forward.” Because I’ve been around many successful people in this business, and because I’ve had my own success, what I knew is that Ry had no idea what was coming, should he actually find his own way to the stars.

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