Sanaa lathan dating a white man

27-Oct-2019 13:41

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But two decades after its release, Lathan is spilling the tea about what really went down behind the scenes, and she said it wasn’t a pleasant experience for her.READ MORE: Sanaa Lathan reveals ‘horrible’ treatment by famous Hollywood actresses In a new interview with CBS Los Angeles, the veteran actress explains why she was “miserable” on the set.“I was miserable,” she said. I got the job and I think Gina finally got to the point where she had to hire somebody.When we start chatting, Sanaa Lathan’s a bit punchy. ” she yells, a loose, almost mischievous laugh spilling from her as it does many times over the course of our conversation.There’s a huge, high-decibel construction project going on outside her modest L. home, and she keeps interrupting herself to giggle, sigh loudly, or apologize for the noise. “This is when I wish I had a 9-to-5.” Much of her early chatter is like this: funny, warm, but a little impersonal.Lathan also savored the lack of ageism inherent in the movie’s plot: “It’s just me onscreen, and I have two hot guys fighting over me and I’m not 20 years old,” she says.Ask someone when they fell in love with Lathan, and they’ll likely point to Gina Prince-Bythewood’s 2000 rom-dram Love & Basketball, which cast Lathan as Monica, a flinty but deeply vulnerable young ballplayer lusting after her smooth-talking, similarly hoop-dreaming best friend Quincy (Omar Epps).It’s the film her fans rhapsodize about most, says Lathan, and, apparently, it still brings grown men to tears.

Gina and the producers really wanted a basketball player that could act as opposed to an actress they could teach to play basketball. READ MORE: Gina Prince-Bythewood on directing ‘Cloak & Dagger’ pilot‘Love & Basketball’ tells the story of a young Black couple navigating the competitive world of sports before eventually falling for each other. I would always get to the last step and then they would throw in another basketball player.”Lathan also noted that the producers gave the basketball player acting coaches.“They would always do a basketball audition for me, which was just the worst,” she said.But she’s very gracious, and I know it’s gotta be tough, but she seems to handle it very well. She smiled and shook his hand and told him it was OK.Anytime you’re out with her, people will be coming up.” Love & Basketball begat a series of charming, mid-aughts films told from the shamefully rare black female perspective, starring Lathan as various intelligent, independent women impervious to love until a Diggs or an Epps or a Wesley Snipes or a Simon Baker comes along and tears down her walls (sometimes literally, because they’re in the businesses of landscaping and construction, jobs that are very sexy in the movies but not when someone is performing them loudly outside your window).It’s almost like she hired me because she couldn’t find somebody else.

There wasn’t a lot of joy and there wasn’t a lot of trust in me.Though Lathan grew up adjacent to the entertainment biz,“My mother was in the chorus of the original on Broadway — I was backstage, I was in the audience.

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