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25-May-2020 01:54

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You created a report to do this in Chapter 8, "Creating Simple Reports," so all you need to do is make a simple macro that will run the report.The condition you will check now is whether there are any records in the table to print.But you will want to close the report so Access won't display it when the macro turns the screen updating back on. You can, however, specify that it close another object by using the three arguments available with the Close action.You should always be as specific as possible when you design a macro.For a review on Access expressions, turn to Chapter 3, "Taking a Closer Look." Condition expressions are the same as those you use in validation rules, filtering, and sorting.

The user won't know this, of course, since the macro has turned the screen updating off. The Close action, by default, closes the object currently active.

If there are no records, you will want to exit the macro without printing anything.