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The episode ends up as one of George’s most rage-filled, as he gets into a mess of his own when he accuses one of the dealership’s employees of stealing his Twix bar that was dangling from it’s “perch” in the vending machine. Kramer running errands and guzzling gas as he test drives Jerry’s prospective new car; Puddy’s insistence on giving everyone high fives.

NBC’s “Seinfeld” aired its first episode 30 years ago today, on July 5, 1989.

This was one of the only episodes not to feature all four of the show’s main characters.

IMDb rating: 8.5 Air date: May 9, 1996 Season 7, Episode 21 By the seventh season, any given episode of “Seinfeld” was straddling multiple storylines at once—“The Wait Out” being no exception.

The show hasn’t lost an ounce of its comedic luster in the time since.

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Counting down from #100 to #1 in honor of its first-episode anniversary, here are the best episodes from one of the most beloved television comedies of all time.The one salvageable bit: George’s girlfriend confesses she’s uninterested in appearance, pushing him to wear only velvet.167) “The Pen” (Season 3, Episode 3): This is the only episode in the series without Kramer and George.