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05-Jan-2020 00:28

After all, that part of it was really the sole reason she'd bought it.

Everything else was there simply to drive the bit of its anatomy she'd named it for. It's cock was nine solid inches of fat, erect synthetic that felt just like warm, human flesh.

Kara stretched out on the floral-patterned comforter that covered her large bed, enjoying the feeling of the cool material, not yet lent warmth from her flushed, naked body. She licked her lips in anticipation as she eyed her newest fuck-toy.

Kara felt her juices running from her twat, forming a very large wet patch on the comforter.Her breath grew quicker again and she knew she'd cum again before Dick did.Again, jolts of electricity shot through Kara's body, making her convulse and shudder and scream and writhe.She squeezed her eyes closed, savoring the sheer mind-numbing pleasure her own touch brought to her.

"Mistress, if you still desire to watch my orgasm, I am very close." Kara forced her eyes open, staring lustfully at Dick as her body still shuddered with orgasmic bliss.The motion of the machine's hips while it fucked mixed the power and the moisture.

Most of my single patients have ardently explored these supposed short-cuts to romantic bliss for many months and even years.… continue reading »

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I've just got my butt out of bed (which is actually early considering I didn't fall asleep until around 4am) and am sitting with a nice blueberry protein shake in my cute little pink housecoat enjoying checking my mail. Anyway this weekend was awesome, I really didn't do much.. 😛 Just kidding, I love me some Katie So I created a poll for ya'll to help me out with 🙂 I'm thinking of kinda changing things up a bit around here, but wanted your opinion.… continue reading »

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