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Wearable cameras provide a novel methodological tool with the potential to overcome the shortcomings of other alcohol exposure measurements.Health researchers have utilized wearable cameras to study a range of exposures and behaviours including exposure to food marketing (Signal , 2017a).Sponsorship and in-store promotions tend to sit outside the scope of most self-regulatory systems but have overtaken traditional forms of marketing for alcohol companies (Casswell, 2012).In NZ, permitted places and times for alcohol marketing is self-regulated by the advertising industry via the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (Advertising Standards Authority, 2018).There appears to be only one study that has attempted to quantify children’s exposure using another method (Collins , 2016).Using handheld electronic computers, capable of taking photos and manually entering survey data, the authors found children saw alcohol marketing 3.06 (95% confidence intervals [CI]: 3.04, 3.07) times per day in real-time, across a range of marketing media.

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Māori (indigenous population in NZ) aged 15 years and older are 1.5 times more likely than non-Māori to be hazardous drinkers.These studies demonstrated that wearable cameras are a feasible methodology to study a range of health-related exposures and behaviours.