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We shuffled down the hall through a door into another large room, trying not to stumble or step on one another's feet. We sat on a bench in front of a table and were fed a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. After breakfast the first girl was unchained by one of the men.

She was led off; I later found out when it was my turn to shower again and use the toilet.

A long white satin gown, frilly and soft, covered me from my neck to my ankles. "Come here, darling." My blood pounding in my temples, I looked down at my feet as she came over and buckled the collar around my neck. I was dressed in a satin gown and lingerie in a strange place. I felt a brush of cool metal then heard the lock snap closed. She was a pretty brunette; I could see the look of confusion in her eyes.

She attached a tiny brass padlock; it snapped closed. I had no money or identification and was locked in a collar. One of the men pulled her to her feet near the door.

If someone wanted to go to the bathroom she raised her hand and was unchained, escorted to the bathroom, then back and was locked to the chain again.

We were each provided a glass of water which the guards kept full. We were not told what was happening beyond immediate orders from our two guards and were not allowed to talk.

After several hours they brought in a plate of sandwiches. Finally another man opened the door and whispered to one of the guards.

I couldn't hear what was said but I saw the guard nod and smile. " We all stood obediently; by now we knew better than to disobey. An older man dressed in leather pants, boots, and shirt climbed onto the stage. The first girl was unlocked from the common chain and lifted up onto the stage. The guard climbed behind her and pulled her hands behind her back.

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He pulled it to her neck, hooked her lock in one of the links, and snapped it closed. We were attached by our collars to the chain, locked together about two feet apart. I heard a loud pop and a yelp as the first man brought his crop down on the ass of the lead girl. We were led down the hall; the men took particular enjoyment from popping each of us once or twice. I yelped like the others, more from surprise than pain.

I put my feet in the stirrups; he completed the exam quickly then left.