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28-Feb-2020 04:09

Effectiveness – 8/10 – Funny, flattering and not sleazy. 3) I introduce myself to a ginger guy called David and his tall, cute friend and ask if we can sit with them. Plus who wants to carry ice about and get their hands all wet?

2) I spot a handsome Mediterranean-looking guy going for a cigarette with his mate. They say yes and we end up talking films because they work at the cinema. 5) The problem I have with this line is it takes me quite some time to find a man whose shoes I genuinely love.

Like all the best stories, this one starts in a pub.

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At least in a car ride, you can pretend to tend to your phones, look at your surrounding, listen to the radio, or sing some songs.After the initial comment they always go on to chat, this guy included, so it’s a real winner.