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Women in porn do make more money — generally they're the one fans pay to see, and they're more marketable.Men normally last longer in the biz if they're a good performer.When you see directors do that, you kind of lose the respect for them. Basically he sent me into the middle of a strange city, dropped me off, and turned off his phone. Sometimes I'll be out with a guy I'm dating, and someone on the street will go "Hey, Courtney," and the guy I'm dating is really confused.I was at the Lexus dealership getting a car, and the dealer was like, "You look so familiar, I've definitely seen you somewhere." That happens a lot.

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It was slaves, S&M, and those guys wanted to shoot a solo masturbation, so my agent booked me for it.

Or if I had sex with them before, and they were rude to me.