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23-May-2020 17:42

Recruitment is different at every school, but if you’re considering recruitment at UGA, here’s your ultimate guide to surviving the whirlwind!Check your Facebook, Instagram, and all social media accounts before recruitment at UGA to be sure your grandma would be okay with all the pictures and captions!Keep certain items in this at all times during recruitment at UGA: tampon (you’d be surprised at the stories from people), Kleenex (scratched my face and had to ask another girl to use one of hers), pen and notepad (you want to be able to jot notes about all of the houses and girls, or you’ll forget the details), and Chapstick!During recruitment at UGA, they offer water at every house; don’t be afraid to take it.

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It’s super awkward when older girls cry, and it’s awkward when girls rushing cry. At some point, you will be so tired or so moved by a particular philanthropy, that you will cry; and that’s okay, just try to move past it and back to what you love about the house you’re in.