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comparing white American and Indian children and adolescents, the category "sex" was commented upon only by a few subjects (p101, 109).

The Navaho Mountain child responded in the highest rate (5%), however "repeatedly warned against transgressing the sex taboo".

Play imitative of domestic life seems to have provided initial sexual contacts in many societies.

[] Crow boys of 8 and 9 were invited by pubescent and sometimes older girls to urinate in lieu of ejaculation".

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"On the whole, American Indian societies were more permissive than any of the European Christian nations that began the conquest of Native America in the late 15th century.

In the Qipi Eskimo society of the eastern Arctic, for example, parents taught about sex through play and example.

Mothers and fathers openly touched, kissed, and admired their babies' genitals during infancy.

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Comparable female puberty ceremonies were held by all the Juane:o, Serrano and Pass, Desert and Moutain Cahuilla.[] Children's sexual play was more likely to be regarded by adults as an amusing activity than as a cause for alarm.