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Even though colleges had long tried to teach how to write in a clear and readable style, Bryson found that it was rare.He wrote that such language is the result of a “...discipline and artistry that few people who have ideas will take the trouble to achieve...

For each thousand words, it counted the number of unique words, the number of words not on the Thorndike list, and the median index number of the words found on the list.

In readers with average or poor reading comprehension, raising the readability level of a text from mediocre to good can make the difference between success and failure of its communication goals.

Readability exists in both natural language and programming languages though in different forms.

Educational psychologist Edward Thorndike of Columbia University noted that, in Russia and Germany, teachers used word frequency counts to match books to students.

Word skill was the best sign of intellectual development, and the strongest predictor of reading ease.Many people in many languages have been helped by this. In Elizabethan times, the average sentence was 50 words long. Sherman's work established that: Sherman wrote: “Literary English, in short, will follow the forms of standard spoken English from which it comes.