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was placed under a German administration called the General Government (in German: Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete), with its capital at Kraków.

A German lawyer and prominent Nazi, Hans Frank, was appointed Governor-General of this occupied area on 12 October 1939.

Before Operation Barbarossa, Germany and the Soviet Union coordinated their Poland-related policies, most visibly in the four Gestapo–NKVD conferences, where the occupiers discussed plans for dealing with the Polish resistance movement half of whom were ethnic Poles and the other half whom Polish Jews.

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Group 3 included individuals of alleged German stock who had become "Polonized", but whom it was believed, could be won back to Germany.As early as October 1939, many Poles were expelled from the annexed lands to make room for German colonizers.By the end of 1940, at least 325,000 Poles from annexed lands were forcibly resettled in the General Government, forced to abandon most of their property.The plan envisaged differing percentages of the various conquered nations undergoing Germanization, expulsion into the depths of Russia, and other gruesome fates, including purposeful starvation and murder, the net effect of which would be to ensure that the conquered territories would take on an irrevocably German character.

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Those plans began to be implemented almost immediately after the German troops took control of Poland.

Over 30 years, approximately 12.5 million Germans were to be resettled into the Slavic areas, including Poland; with some versions planning for a movement of at least 100 million Germans over a century.