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We shouldn’t take lightly the behavioral aspect, though: charging for a new service, no matter how bold it may seem, actually works as it gives a promise of quality.

Clearly, Whats App knows a thing or two about creating a great product that people admire. Unlike its competitors still relying on desktop versions, Whats App was the first to step onto a mobile path.

While other chat apps, like Skype, were disrupting the international calls market, Whats App’s primary target was SMS communication.

Tools customization, smart efficiency metrics, and horizontal scaling also have saved the company tons of money. And so they provided an ad-free user experience, so much admired by their audience that i OS users eagerly paid the symbolic $.99 for the download, and Android users – the same sum as a yearly subscription.

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The startup business model canvas was a total antipattern to the classic ones: non-restricted target audience, limited functionality, paid service. Unlike many successful software products (think We Chat) that tend to follow Zawinski’s law and end up bloating with popular features, Whats App has carefully evaded the all-encompassing portal approach. The paid model actually placed the ‘user – service provider’ relationship to a higher level of mutual commitment: Clearly, Whats App hit success with this model because the innovative app was merely deemed as a more affordable SMS option.But unlike many other trailblazers, Whats App has remained the market leader.