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to separate their world from aliens.” 'We remember the Great Wall of China, which was formed over several centuries and basically built by the third century BC, and Hadrian's Wall in Britain, at the decline of the late Roman Empire.

'In the same series of mammoth defensive structures is the Serpent's Wall [an ancient system of earthen fortifications that stretch across Ukraine, from the town of Zmiiv in the east to Podolia in the west], the beginning of the erection of which dates back to the late Bronze Age.' Interesting, but, there was similar and even stronger 'evidence' of a treasure train underground in Poland. A few chisel marks would be more convincing than the scans offered.

Secondly, the aggravation of military conflicts and a significant increase in their scale.

Thirdly, the formation of large state and proto-state entities, which had economic, cultural and political boundaries and these boundaries ...

The problem is that the only archaeological finds around these walls, as of now, are dated as medieval.

'But I still believe that in the Middle Ages there was not a big enough community here that could afford to build such a formidable construction.

The BAM parallels the Trans-Siberian RR but passes north rather than south of Lake Baykal.

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Lying off Siberia in the Arctic Ocean are the New Siberian Islands, the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, and other islands.Concealed under thick layers of turf are huge stones put in place by ancient man, says the scientist.

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