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16-Jul-2020 10:24

Where once you needed to know all of your friends’ details and had to add them as Skype contacts, today all you need to know is a single piece of information and you can find them easily and start chatting straight away.Step 1: When you first login to your account, Skype will ask you if you want to import your existing contacts.

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Step 3: Click the blue phone icon in the top right-hand corner.Step 6: The next screens will ask you to input personal information like age, name and location. When asked for a verification code, check your corresponding email or phone number and input the code.Step 7: If asked for a CAPTCHA code, input that and click “Create Account.” You now have a functioning Skype account.Step 3: If your friend has a common name — and sometimes if they don’t — you may find that there are a number of people to choose from in the list that pops up.

Use profile pictures to find the person you’re looking for, or alternatively click on them, then the name at the top of the window, to view their profile information. Anyone you talk to will automatically be added to your contact list. Having a sneaky chat at work while the boss isn’t looking?To start it up, use the search box in your Windows taskbar and look for “Skype.” When it pops up in the search box, click the corresponding icon.

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