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She kept her cool, and the nominee, in a rare moment of contrition, later apologized. “It was also kind of sad.”Alcoholism, as she noted to Kavanaugh, is personal. with indictments.” Klobuchar tells me,“When you’re only seventeen years old, and you’re going up with your dad to visit your grandma for Christmas, and you see him drinking out of the trunk, and you have to say, ‘No, I’m taking the keys away,’ yeah, that doesn’t happen to most kids that age.” By 1993, Jim Klobuchar had three DWIs.

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The other bears a quote from : “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”Klobuchar, who has a wide smile and a neat helmet of brown hair, is also little (five feet four with no help from her flats) and fierce (exhibit A: her starring role in Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearings last fall). Klobuchar’s path was glitterier: Yale undergrad, University of Chicago law school, a stint in corporate law before two terms as Hennepin County Attorney (the biggest public law office in Minnesota), and then her successful Senate bid.It meant Klobuchar had to field concerns from hand-wringing male colleagues: Would Duckworth breast-feed during votes? Would the baby be required to observe the Senate dress code?“It’s once named her Congress’s second least likely to get into a scandal—but last fall she made headlines during the Kavanaugh hearings, emerging as a liberal folk hero for her measured, unflappable, unshowy approach to questioning the nominee.Still, “there’s a scenario where she can be a huge hit in Iowa,” he says.

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“She’s the real deal, and that’s an advantage.”Klobuchar is noncommittal when I ask about presidential aspirations.“He introduced me at his assisted living the other day. She holds an obscure job in the federal government.’ ”Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth sees Klobuchar’s humor as strategic.

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