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26-Sep-2019 09:17

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To take another angle - look at your options, what sounds better...Thanks for replying, But I hate when random aliases off the internet say "Good Luck", its like saying "Have Fun .....Yet I've experienced these characteristics with 4 or more Somali/Muslim women.Personally, I don't think its entirely difficult for Somali Muslim girls, I just think they want to experience what other non-muslim girls are interacting in and they have there limits, due to fear. I've spoken to a few Somali guys and they've slept with Somali girls.

I think I'll be adding Djibouti to the Clean House List anyhow. I can't comment on Somali girl living in the states (or elsewhere in the west), but like a lot of attitudes exhibited by various ethnic groups, their behaviour is completely relative.

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