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All the French newspapers broughl into Germany to-day and aome of the English and other foreign papers were confiscated b\ the Secret Police. diret-tiy under mv command, as the Supreme Command ol the Armed Forces and as my military s Wff. ci Mleal »igri Uiiiincu Ul I poitl LJy W 13 down 18 facluri L Valle; ■ Ik- ■ Gil siderabh dl, D,-.-l tai ids and Weill T^irw, where four seams are lip^nu' worked, is being electrified and I'onnect^-d witl. " The staff of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces will be headed by the lormer chief ot the Of Bee ol the Ajmed Forces (l»a 17 flinl ()|. Paiiioiu refuxil In j1 Ixiy li A nvrned ganoriii -.,. the neighbonrins Raglan I'o iiery, which is to be re-npeiied after lying idle for four years. BOOKS FOR CREW LIBRARY It would be if passengers would kindly donate books for which they have no further use to the Crew I.ibrarv. It is carried by chains, which are " anchored " to four pylons, each 120 ft. It has a span of over 280 yards, and is approximately So ft. "DO YOU KEN JOHN PEEL '• j Famous Ilimlsmun's Co Hafte in Cuniberhilut CAKI. — The memory of John Peel, the famous Cumberland huntsman who is known to all the world by the old song, is still kept green in Caldbeck. the village -among the windswept moors, where, a hundred years ago, he followed his hounds.

i ili;\t both the Prime "i.'tu'ii Secretary will Jovernnient, and that leaders of the Opposition, IMajor Attlee and A, V- Alexander, will be the principal speakers for the Labour Op- position. OCEANPHONE and unlit arrival ipassengers can (elephorie to p-irt^; of the Tln;t,il Stale, and Canada at h.'ilf Hie u-u/tl rate Full particulars can In? LONDON.— A White Paper on British policy in Palestine is published today setting out the terms of reference of a technical commission which will he ap- pointed to visit Paloiitiii.^. Like his father, the King is im- patient with humbug, and not in the least tardy in espr Lvssing indignation i-lien lie is displeased." Ueferring tu the King's home life, Mvstery surrounds tlie orijiin of the Herdwich sheep, which rnam the hfights nl ihf Lake District iuifl thrive nrtal M'" tlia that til which he was born. Mr, Holitho finds that the keynote of llu- King's character is courage and simplicitv. Herdwicks do not thrive in any other part of the world , A quarter of a century URO they were taken to the Welsh iiniiiiitains. is not unlikely in the near ■ future, according to Sir Alexander Gibb. RESTRICTED ROADS Ucaliiig \vith the question of road tr.iiisport. More than half the Great North Road was only suitable for a double line of traffic. Asked what was the generals political views a German officer replied. " He is a soldier." GERMAN PAPERS' SILENCE The German people have until now been kept in absolute ignorance ot the crisis which has been overshadowing the country In the newspapers there has not been even the faintest reference to it. V Blomberg, Maker ol the Reichswehr, Page TWELVE, ' Supreme Command ' HERR Hitler's full state- ment is as follows: — "From now on I shall exercise directly and personally supreme command over the entire armed forces, " The former office of the armed forces in the Ministry is placed, together with its lunclions. The crisis, which reached its climax to-night, followed closely on the marriage of Field-Marshal von Blomberg to his 29-years-old secretary, which, it is understood, caused dissatisfaction in the Army, although Herr Hitler and Gen. "DEEPEST THANKS" Herr Hitler has sent a letter to Field-Marshal Baron von Blomberg expressing " deepest thanks for five years of most loyal co-operation." The official announcement states that his retirement, like that of General von Fritsch, is due to reasons of health.

Offictal quarters (n Berlin characterise to-night's sweep- ing changes as typical ol the Nazi movement, and claim that by them the party has gained new momentum and strength. Lammers, Secretary of State in the Reich Chancellery. Wi'.^tinj^house 104 MONTREAL STOCK EXCHANGE nalhqrsl l Oi Howard Smith 13i Bell Tel IK) Imp.