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The changes are described as " a further National-Socialisa- tion ot the nation." General von Brauchitsch, the new Commander-in-Chief, is 57.

He belongs to a noble Prussian family with a military tradition" but outside Army circles little is known about him.

Offictal quarters (n Berlin characterise to-night's sweep- ing changes as typical ol the Nazi movement, and claim that by them the party has gained new momentum and strength. • r-|ii.i\vess on the hunting field wiiiil.l nil iii,volumes, for runs of. eight to iliveii hours were common enough when snow, covering the peaks, forced the fox to visit mountain after mountain before going to earth. when Peel's hounds covered 70 miles and visited eleven parishes before the kill. -: NNA -The biggest suspension bridge on the Continent, and tlurd biggest in the world, has been ojwncd bv the Austrian President. ESTIMATED COST £1,000,000,000 A ciimplctc programme of new trunk motor roads connecting all the principal towns in Great Britain would probably cost anything up to /

' Stretching across the Danube m Vienna, the bridge has a total length of 1,100 yards. and involved 12,000 tons of steel, and 300,000 lbs. \n attempt to solve the traffic problems of London in the way that New York was dealing with them, on the lines of the regional plan of 1929 with its 40-year programme, involving some 1,700 miles of parkways, boulc\ards, etc., would cost even more — if it woie possible at all.

The two cot- heries and new wor KS will give emp ment, when completed, to several tj sund men. The books mav be left at the Purs Omcp or, if notified, he will have them collected and delivered to the Crew I.ibrurian. — Boxing: At the Black- friars Ring yesterday fhe South African, Jimmy Neale, knocked out a fellow- countmnan, Joe Foord, the brother of the former British heavrweiirht cham- pion, Ben Foord.

In the retreat across New Jersey Washington had lost precious supplies, as well as losing contact with two important divisions of his army.… continue reading »

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Sprouse and Reinhart's post-(reported) breakup behavior is like a Rorschach test for believing love still exists.… continue reading »

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is probably going to rip all our hearts out by killing off all our favorite characters, but at least it gave us this song! I will sacrifice Jon Snow for a SZA, The Weekend, and Travis Scott collab every single day.… continue reading »

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