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24-Sep-2020 01:22

Just in case you needed an extra layer of cryptic obscurity of course. The game throws you a lifeline by offering checkpoints which, on paper, is a great idea.

Some of the chapters are very long so not having to re-do the entire thing over due to an inevitable error should be a relief but in practice these checkpoints have a downright sinister side. Well, the cartoon-like character art is pretty good but otherwise…no!

The game is extremely repetitive in nature but it doesn't seem that way while you're playing.

That could be because it's somewhat interesting and unique to challenge yourself to impress a guy or girl in a game.

One thing that makes Crush rare as a puzzle game is that rather than simply serving as a suite of logic puzzles, it offers some real story progression to accompany your advancement through the game. By tapping L1, you'll effectively flatten all of the level geometry, turning the action from 3D to 2D.

As you may have figured out, 'Guess and check' is a huge part of the story. It may take you a long time to finish it but if you stick with it, you will finish the game.

It's a matter of getting the combination right to impress the person.

’s tag-line is “The game where everybody scores” but it seems to me that they forgot to add “an all-expenses paid trip to the sanatorium”. Why would anybody play this shit instead of doing the to offer apart from negative vibes and a guaranteed bad mood when you finally switch the console off (hopefully after no more than five minutes of suffering and even that would be showing the game some saintly generosity…).

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It may seem like I’ve barely described this game but that’s because there’s nothing to discuss.For instance insulting someone is more likely to win them over then telling them they look good, figure that one out guys.