Sql 2016 replication immediate updating subscription

23-Jun-2020 03:03

Replication in SQL Server simply refers to the process of copying data from one database to another.This movement of data is subject to a large number of options configured at the publisher, distributor and subscriber, but for all the complexity it is surprisingly simple to set up, providing the DBA has a solid understanding of the underlying principles.Latency can be caused by various factors, including geographical distance between nodes; network traffic or bandwidth constraints; transactional load on the publisher; and system resources.Less common causes, but by no means rare, are problems such as stalled agents, failed jobs and unexpected locking / other resource conflicts.Replication can be thought of in terms of the newspaper model - the publisher produces the newspapers and sends them to the distributor, who separates and sends them on to the subscribers (e.g.newsagents, shops) where the newspaper is 'accessed' by purchasers.

Therefore the wise DBA can configure alerting that informs him (or her) of latency problems when latency exceeds this period as it is likely that latency exceeding this threshold is indicative of a more serious problem.The subscriber will not contact the publisher directly.