Team fortress stats not updating

06-Feb-2020 17:01

I recently had one of my best games as Engineer while going pubbing with my friends, with a K: D of 1, 24 KS and 4 DOMS, and was surprised to note that my stats didn't update.

Not only that, but they haven't updated for the last 200 hours.

I have many screen shots of 30 plus points as demoman, for example, but my TF2 stats still say my points are like 21 or whatever.

My general question is "does anyone else have this problem"?

All files were vvalidates succesfully, it is set to auto-update, and I have tried to delete the "tf" folder in "steam/steamapps/username/TF2", It did nothing but simply remake the file, again without updating.

I really need help here because valve isn't doing anything and I cant go onto the steam forums due to account issues, which also have yet to be given any help.thank you in advance, Also, I'd like to avoid using my OS to force uninstall steam if thats possible It wont download at all, and im continually told I have an old version.

As in the title, the game either will not update my stats when I do well, or will lower my stats for no reason, and keep the time played as the same it was before that life.

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IN my TF2 stats it says my most points is xx or whatever.