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Though they’d received some notoriety at this early stage, the Velvet Underground were still largely unknown.Once back in NYC, Lou Reed was admitted to a Manhattan hospital, having contracted hepatitis.Back in the hospital, Lou’s paranoia was fed with catty gossip. Yet, Gluck’s parents indulged their daughter thinking this trifling passion for art was mere whimsy, a passing phase. Instead it proved to be three years that changed Gluck’s life and confirmed a startling talent and some deeply held ambitions. Together they eloped to Lamorna, Cornwall to an artists’ colony. This was not the kind of thing a good Jewish girl was supposed to do.

Once, an art society sent a letter to “Miss Gluck”—Gluck resigned from the society immediately.

In his 1994 biography, While Lou was laid up in the hospital undergoing a six-week course of treatment, he became increasingly paranoid about losing control of the group.

Not only was he excluded from the one-week stint in Chicago, but the band adapted to cover his absence with relative ease.

Another excerpt from The success of the band’s Chicago dates at Poor Richard’s provided a revealing glimpse into Reed’s usually well-hidden insecurity. This life came with a growing interest in painting and drawing and a desire to be an artist. The Glucksteins were half of the business empire Salmon & Gluckstein, owners of (what was claimed to be) the world’s largest tobacco company, a selection of hotels (the Cumberland, the Trocadero), and the famous Lyon’s Corner House tearooms, which were a staple of British social life from the 1920s-50s—see Graham Greene’s novels for details.

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Despite the absence of its stellar members—Nico, Warhol, and Reed—the band was so successful they were held over for an extra week. Everyone’s happy.” He was just trying to make him uptight. Hannah Gluckstein preferred to be called Peter or Hig but liked “Gluck, no prefix, suffix or quotes” best. Art was a poor choice for business and a not a suitable career for a woman. The parents hoped this experience would cause Gluck to give up on this teenage fancy. Craig, a mysterious figure who was simply known as Craig.

With a string of upcoming Chicago dates scheduled for the EPI, and Reed out of commission for weeks, a plan was devised. For the Chicago shows, booked at Poor Richard’s from June 21st through the 26th, original VU percussionist Angus Mac Lise was recruited, and other alterations were made to make up for Reed’s absence.