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17-Sep-2020 20:37

Now I don’t know about you, but anyone that a dog doesn’t like, I don’t like.

I explained this and apparently that’s what made us good, having all these differences.

We did not part on the best of terms and when he left to his wonderful new life, I didn’t realise how much of his crap he had left in the home we once shared.

After six months I decided to move out of the house we had shared and into something smaller and more financially sensible.

He came into the garden and tried kissing me, I mean wtf!!! He didn’t realise that I knew he was seeing someone else.

He genuinely thought that I would give in to his advances so he could get his rocks off.

So my ex is like a dose of genital warts, disappears, but always reappears.

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I then told him he had won me over and that I should come with him to meet his parent and tell them we were to be married as soon as possible.He then messaged about the dogs being dressed up at the wedding.

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