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05-Jan-2020 15:26

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When all that was gone, Tila used the only thing she had left, whoring her body out to the tabloids with a series of high-profile connections.

She took up with Courtney Semel the Yahoo heiress and self-appointed "lesbian Don Juan" who also has a romantic history with Casey Johnson. Is it possible to ignore a celebrity — internet-created or otherwise — to death? No one wants to like her anymore, ironically or otherwise, now that she has proven herself to be both a liar and depraved conwoman. She has few skills or assets to fall back on, other than her notoriety, and that will only be marketable if she continues to ratchet up the drama.

Now that Johnson is gone, the flurry of press coverage has been a boon for Tequila in her own mind, and a blight for the rest of us.

Like a case of herpes, she keeps coming back to torture us just when we think we're cured.

Say what you want about Tila, but she has always been easily replaceable.Singapore-born, Houston-raised Tila "Tequila" Nguyen has become a pop culture sensation.She is one of the most popular personalities in cyberspace, breaking records on My Space, with a record breaking 1.4 million friends, as well as Facebook.Instead of being cool for being gross, Tequila just became gross.

Instead of the treasure that you pulled out of the dumpster and made presentable, she was just the dumpster with all of its stench and ooze.

Season two winner Kristy Morgan must have recognized this, because she turned down her "shot at love" when it was offered to her.

Games are played to sustain interest, such as offering surprises for random tip amounts -"20 tokens! " - or more elaborate set-ups involving naked Twister and spinning Wheels of Fortune.… continue reading »

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