Triad dating

28-Oct-2020 00:20

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The ultimate difficulty in a triad relationship is when one or all partners decide to settle down and raise a family.

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Having two people who love and care for you sure does make an individual feel more secure and optimistic in dealing with such difficulties.

After all, humans can only pay attention to one, and you cannot fully divide your attention equally between two people.

For this reason, all partners in a triad relationship always check with the amount of attention each partner gives the others to make sure the relationship is inclusive to all involved. Depending on the nature of the triad relationship they are in, as well as their personal circumstances, people in a triad relationship choose to cohabitate or live separately with their two partners.

A triad relationship is a kind of physical and emotional relationship that involves three individuals.

It is not considered cheating as all parties are aware that each of their partners is in a relationship with them.

So from all three you can get MMF, FFM, MMM, or FFF triad relationships.