Triplex glass dating

21-Oct-2020 16:44

As is our standard procedure, this navigation light has been tested and found to be functional.

Odorless testing oil has been drained from the oil reservoir after testing but small amounts may still be present which could present a fire hazard.

For all Morris J type Vans, Morris JB vans and (BMC 50's vehicles)Torque! The copyright of any photograph on this blog-site will remain with its owner. Zooming in we can see a Hi-top van, made by cutting off the roof, weld in ten inches of metal all the way around and stick the roof back on!

One would guess it was used for delivering clothes on hangers.

A dot below the T indicates the glass was made in the 1st year of the decade.

For example 1951 A dot below the O indicates the glass was made in the 2nd year of the decade.

Of course, this method reveals the date of manufacture of the glass itself, not the car or hardtop it is fitted to, but the glass probably didn't sit around very long in the factory before being fitted.

Triplex Safety Glass is now owned by Pilkington, which uses a similar method of dating using dots under letters, but is not described here.

Unless otherwise noted some crew mechanisms may be rusty and prevent wick operation. The light consists of a red port and blue starboard fresnel lens combination.

AN AID TO DATING TRIPLEX GLASS The TRIPLEX mark may have a dot above the name, A dot above the T indicates the glass was made in January, February or March.

A dot above the R indicates the glass was made in April, May or June.

Most of these navigation lights, lamps, and lanterns are kerosene oil burners and some have been retro-fitted and electrified to use a standard 60W, 110V 15amp household light.

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As with any antique or vintage item there is no warranty as to safety or workmanship meeting contemporary standards.

If you know the decade your car was produced, you can find the last digit of the year by looking for two dots in the TRIPLEX logo on the glass.

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