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22-Nov-2019 09:17

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Like all dating reality show franchises, MTV’s Are You the One? A bunch of young singles are thrown together in a house, set in the kind of tropical paradise required for finding true love on television.The twist: Using old-school matchmaking techniques and complex algorithms, dating experts have paired the housemates with their supposed “ideal” mates, but neither the cast nor the viewers know the matches.One of the fastest — and already most explosive — pairings taking shape early in the season is between Kai and Jenna, a cis, femme-presenting, self-described drama queen.(“There’s something about a roller-coaster relationship that gets me excited,” she tells us in a confessional.During a group therapy check-in, she admits that Amber should have been her first pick, and Justin gets upset about her “playing” him.But this drama gets unpacked in nuanced ways that transcend the usual drama for drama’s sake.

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To some degree, the housemates have to be serious about finding their “real” match — and in the show’s parlance, that means following your heart rather than your libido.“I have no idea if I’m going to be attracted to a male or a female,” says blonde housemate Kari in one of the show’s commercials. I’m ambidextrous.” Sexual fluidity often gets reduced to this trope of “will this (conventionally hot) woman ultimately pick a man or a woman?

“I was like ‘It’s because you guys aren’t being responsible. Let her fucking die.’” She grabs a napkin and starts dabbing her eyes.“I can’t believe I’m crying about this, it’s not even noon,” she laughed before continuing her story.“At my mom’s funeral, my brother gave this beautiful eulogy. ” she says.“But everybody is a bunch of different things. … continue reading »

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