Ubuntu 9 04 not updating

04-Aug-2020 15:03

Also, I found out there was some 'Zeitgeist'-stuff left on my PC, which I immediately removed for privacy reasons.

Because there's only two kind of people, those who make backups and those who will, I mounted a second harddrive, and used '$rsync -Ap from-dir to-dir' to backup my home directory. If you're paranoid, that would be a good time to unscrew the harddrive and carry it at least one hundred anaconda-distances away.

To actually update, first, I configured Ubuntu only to update to 'LTS-releases'.

ubuntu 9 04 not updating-7

the rules dating summary

Well, I don't even _use_ it let alone that I know how I want it configured.

Hmm, never having seen 'etc-update' in Ubuntu before, a bit stupid, only by now I thought 'Maybe also should have updated /etc/*...'. Of course I was OK with this, and I thought it was an automated process, so I clicked OK and it asked me again. And then removing '-9'because, if you're like me, you alwas type 'rm -rf' without questioning if you really need '-rf', but it's just habit, the in-finger-memory is trained that rm always goes with rf, right?