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03-Oct-2019 19:33

So how much longer can I use the version of Skype I have, ie. I deleted my Skype account today, it’s become utterly useless. I am unable to access all settings in one sub menu. I cannot see contact list and conversation thread at the same time.

I ‘used’ to use it to stay in touch with my wife, 2,000 miles away, messages and video calls, but now I can’t even get into it as from today, change passwords, sign in with this and that…off, it used to sign me in automatically…and as for that crappy new interface… They have an excuse to completely screw everyone over. I AM UNABLE TO DO SPLIT SCREEN MESSAGING WITH AND OR OF MULTIPLE PARTIES CONTACTS AT THE SAME TIME. Seriously how do you call taking away multiple major functions an upgrade?

Thousands of phone numbers which were attached to contacts over many years of work have simply been removed by the “update” cooked up by a bunch of geniuses. the features are wack you can’t even view several chats at the same time no even split the chat view with contacts. Why take away functions to make yourself like a lesser competitor.

I can still see the numbers, but they only appear when I look for the contact details. When they are adding functions to be more like skype.

For small to medium business there should be a way for regular(non technical) users to access, and at least be able to reliably backup. Thank God Microsoft is not in the seat of God Almighty. Can you just imagine the mayhem, the madness, the needless degrees of constant change. Now it is a bull c***, with this new hippie design.

(ie know exactly what they are backing up, and know where they are backing up to will not change) Not some random 30 day sync which they have no control of when it starts, or when it gets erased, where it is written. They have alienated an entire market share of users. sometimes the best thing a CEO can do for the business and the world is… The mobile version (with a single MF chat, without any call and videochat) drains the battery more than any application.

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Since the day it got installed, it freezes my laptop laptop randomly, mutes my microphones with out asking me. If I ever stumble on a prospect candidate software engineer who had anything to do with this project I most likely be inclined NOT to give a hiring recommendation! I loaded the new Skype, it’s a piece of crap, functionality is rubbish and what the hell are all these bots?

“If it doesn’t need fixing, break it,” seems to be the philosophy behind the new version. What MS have in fact done is akin to Ford or GM to decide that the steering mechanism on their cars no longer becomes part of the purchase and if you want to continue driving your car, you need to renew the “license” for your steering wheel each year. I assumed it was also connected to Word somehow because I couldn’t even open it.

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