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15-Oct-2020 15:52

Well, if you are using Chrome, there's a faster way.

Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, with experts predicting 2.4 billion global mobile players by the end of 2019.

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It was an unprecedented move since i OS 13.0 is still in beta testing and since Apple has never pushed out a "point" beta release before the stable base version.

Apple's latest updates to its operating systems add another security feature to its Find My service, so you have an even better chance at locating your lost i Phone, i Pad, or Mac should it ever happen.

As long as you have the option enabled, you can leverage other Apple users' devices to find yours on the map.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just ask your i Phone to open the report for you, so you could stop wasting time searching and finish the paper? We're basically living in the future, so let's work like we are. We all have a digital assistant living in our i Phone, one that can start up a new Pages doc by verbal request.

For decades, we have, without question, opened a word processor like Pages, and clicked or tapped our way to starting a new document. If the name Leroy Jenkins elicits a reaction from you, then you are old enough to remember the iconic title World of Warcraft from its heydey (whether or not you actually played the massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

Let's say you have an important report to submit, but you want to check it over for any last-minute edits or changes.