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26-Dec-2019 21:30

Models with ‘LT’ at the end come with a subscription to lifetime traffic updates and not maps, and there are versions without free lifetime updates too. Its nearest rival, Tom Tom, doesn’t offer them, but it does offer a 90-day ‘latest map guarantee’ so you can download the latest map within three months of purchase.

Still, premium sat navs which include update and service subscriptions don’t come cheap.

And that’s just the maps – you’ll have to pay £47.50 if you want to add a year’s subscription to its Live Services.

Is it worth paying 75% of the price you paid for a cheap model to update the maps?

If you were willing to pay £25 more you could get a new model including the latest maps, features and a new warranty!

What’s more, you can sell your previous sat nav to recoup some of the cost.

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There’s not much point in having sat nav maps that are out of date.Unfortunately, if you don’t then there’s every possibility that you’ll spend an extra 10 minutes circling around the loop once again.