Updating gatherer

10-May-2020 17:19

This allows them to store data persistently across the calls without using a global variable.

In this way, we can have multiple instances of the collection of functions, with each instance updating its own local state and not interfering with those of the others. This is typically used when the request is complete.

2.2.1: ====== # Bug Fix: – Arthas tear format forced on gathering (zone match, identical source and destination with item fix checkbox selected needed). – scaling for icon fade under min distance added – fix name for old Firebloom name included in german item name fix list.

However, each collection of functions (or instance) shares the variables across the functions and across calls.This function can be used to convert the result into a different format, e.g.parse an XML document, read values from table in the text.– Removed forced delay when handling world map overlays.

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– Quick fix for fishing to prevent recording on some silithus mobs.

– alternate recording method using tooltips added to workaround 1.12 Blizzard bug not displaying chatline for gathering.

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