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22-Feb-2020 04:44

Windows remains the most popular and available operating system in the world.But mac OS has been gaining a considerable traction.However, there are also other manufacturers who merely assemble hardware components from various original equipment manufacturers.Some of these assemblies have compatibility or optimisation issues resulting in poor operation efficiency and short computer longevity.Some seasoned Mac users would attest to the fact that their computers have a lengthier lifespan than Windows-based computers. The seamless integration between mac O and hardware means that the overall operation of a Mac computer is efficient. Comes preloaded with productivity apps: Standard Windows OS usually does not come with Microsoft Office Suite. In addition, new Windows-based laptop and desktop computers come with random software or apps that merely bloat the entire system and external storage.A Mac Book Pro or a Mac desktop computer comes not only with mac OS but also with several useful and interesting apps.The seamless integration between the mac OS and i OS makes switching between devices hassle-free.

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Be reminded, however, that almost all operating systems are not intuitive by default.

Windows is also rattled with clutter and bloatware issues. Seamless integration between OS and hardware: Apple is both a software developer and a device manufacturer.