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30-Sep-2019 10:09

For those of you who have never heard about Mura: it is a panel problem that results in pixels not displaying the exact same color throughout the display.Some areas are brighter and some areas are darker than others.Combined with a design that brings together the best of the original Oculus Rift and the Oculus Go, the HP Reverb is a very comfortable headset that will not only appeal to the enterprise market but also to VR enthusiasts and simulator fans who are looking for the next real upgrade to their existing setup.

The HP Reverb will make your XPlane 11, DCS, Project Cars 2 sessions look as good as on no other device right now.HP chose not to include manual IPD adjustment, even though they could have done so.When I asked for the reason I was told that HP tried to reduce weight and make the headset as easy to use as possible and that the big sweetspot would make up for it.Of course I wish it was not there in the first place but I suppose HP had to compromise when sourcing panels and trying to achieve a sub 0 asking price for a headset that truly is at the cutting edge of VR display technology right now.

For me, the bump in resolution more than made up for the occasional Mura in bright and uniform color scenes.Unfortunately, the HP Reverb panels do suffer from Mura and that is a problem that cannot be fixed by software updates.

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