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if you use Java Serialization) What it does for you is reduce the amount retained, something you can only see after Full GC (e.g.

A fixed-size offheap setting refers to a setting that specifies a size in bytes.

Programmatic Configuration(程序中配置)public Cache create Off Heap Cache() sizing caches Tuning Ehcache often involves sizing cached data appropriately.

Ehcache won't reduce the amount of garbage produced, in fact because it is doing much more work, it could produce much, much more (esp.

The bottom line is Eh Cahe is using the same amount of memory as a Hash Map!

配置(Configuring caches to overflow to off-heap.) Declarative Configuration-说明性的配置(通过xml配置文件) 注意,NOTE: Dynamically Adding Caches With Fixed-Sized Offheap If a Cache Manager has a pooled offheap setting, caches with fixed-size offheap settings cannot be added dynamically.

Dynamic in this case refers to caches that are added programmatically or using the Terracotta Developer Console while the Cache Manager is running.

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In ehcache.xml, we need to uncomment or add the following line: This tells Ehcache to load the Terracotta server config from localhost port 9510.

The name of the cache in is then the name given in that method.