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18-Jul-2020 01:55

due to disk utility's easy way to change/remove partitions i think when i'm ready to go completely 10.6 i can just go delete the 10.5.8 partition and make the 10.6 part the whole drive. I use Carbon Copy Cloner which I love (donationware), to create a bootable backup on another drive.

My install of 10.6 couldn't have been smoother .... Hi folks I am about to go install and wanted to confirm if this could be a safe process: Currently, my Mac Pro hard drives are: Mac HD - 60GB used (no music data here but some software downloads in dmg format) and alot of GB left AUDIO HD - Mostly for my DAW Data (used about 150GB/around 350 left) Sample HD 1 - Samples/East West Libraries (used 400/500) Sample HD 2 - Samples (Used 100/500) Can you please tell me if I was to use Super Duper or Time Machine and back up my Mac HD into Sample HD2, then would I be able to install 10.6 on the Mac HD and potentially have not lost anything from there?

Once done, Google recommends you lock your phone's bootloader for security.

This is done by rebooting your phone back into fastboot mode while connected via USB and then execute "fastboot oem lock" from a command terminal on your computer.

Also, if you have any idea on how this impacts third party software such as UAD-2 , Kontakt etc, please let me know also.

Thanks Could someone please provide me with the safest steps in updating from Leopard to Snow.

updating to 10 5 6-90

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i couldn't create the partition in disk utility because of too much fragmentation so then i had to get a 3rd party app to degfrag. Also, in regards to the Data not being on the main drive, yes I have all Appliations on the Main HD.

Android 6.0 is said to be the fastest OS so far, comparing with 5.x Lollipop.