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21-Sep-2020 07:32

But there's good news for those of you feeling this pain – the CA/B Forum has recently approved new methods that will bring back a reliable email mechanism for domain validation.With organizations not having full control over what information is pushed out to the world in WHOIS, the best available alternative is to leverage DNS records where organizations have full control of the information they chose to publish in their records.You enter the code as a TXT resource record, which is an informational type of DNS resource record.Secure Trust then checks your DNS record for the code, which will prove that the person who controls the DNS record for your domain(s) also authorized the certificate request.2018 marked a year that was full of change in the world of SSL/TLS certificates.

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For the last 20 years, WHOIS has been the source of information that certification authorities (CAs) have used to confirm who owns or operates a website.We try to make this step as easy as possible for you, but there are times where we may need additional help from you.During the organization validation process, we will try to locate and verify your business in various databases.When your documentation is ready email the documents to us.

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Please note your domain name on your documentation so that we can match it quickly with your order.After all of your domains have been validated, the next step begins.

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