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29-Oct-2019 13:07

How does Mike think about his own time allocation now in venture? 4.) How does Mike evaluate the proliferated Saa S landscape today?

Why does Mike believe that the notion of Saa S as a construct will fade over the coming years? What size do the incumbents have to be to really engage in the M&A process moving forward?

Prior to founding In Vision, Clark spent 8 years as the Co-Founder of Epicenter Consulting, a leading web application design business.

If that was not enough, Clark is also a leading angel with a portfolio including Algolia, Voiceflow, Unsplash and Bento Box, just to name a few.

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Mike’s Fave Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude Mike’s Most Recent Investment: Verkada As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Mike on Twitter here!

What were Mike’s biggest takeaways from his 8 years at FB seeing the hyper-growth first hand? How does Mike balance between trusting his gut and relying on the data?

CLICK TO PLAY CLICK TO LISTEN ON ITUNES In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Clark made his way from running a successful design agency to fundamentally changing the way designers design products and consumer experience them through In Vision?