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29-Jun-2020 19:02

If any line on the account had gone over its allotment of talk minutes, text messages, or data use, overage fees would also appear here in a quick-to-view grid.

This is the quoted price for the service bundle you subscribe to.

To facilitate a smooth transition to 4G LTE capable products and services, we are no longer allowing devices that are not 4G LTE capable to be activated on our network.

We haven’t broken it out here, because the line-by-line breakdowns that follow are more descriptive, but this one-shot view of which charges are apportioned to which line does appear here first.

If you are holding onto an older 3G phone from Verizon, hoping that one day you’ll activate it and re-live the glory days of tech life where we didn’t stare at screens for 5-6 hours per day, it’s time to give it up. Instead, they will only accept 4G LTE-equipped phones going forward.

Earlier this year, rumors circulated suggesting that Verizon would stop activating 3G phones by June or July.

On a related note, an earlier leak suggested that Verizon may stop some older LTE devices from being activated too.

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The documentation there said that CDMA devices as well as devices that do not support HD Voice or Vo LTE will not be accepted.

We have a shared family plan with two smartphones on it — a pretty common scenario, especially for couples without kids or with kids too young to need or want a phone of their own — for the nominal rate of per month. That means that of the total monthly bill, just over — or 64% — is actually some kind of additional cost, charge, tax, or fee. To that end, we’ve done some cropping and re-aligning to make the relevant parts easier to read and discuss, and we’ve had to break it all down into multiple images.