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20-Jun-2020 02:30

For SMSMSE 7.9 and later see: Update Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) 7.9.x definitions using Intelligent Updater (IU).To update SMSMSE definitions using the Intelligent Updater version 5: 1. stable release is: 0.95.2 Total number of signatures: 620740Clam AV Virus Databases:ver. This update adds 31 new trojan definitions: Trojan Downloader. This update adds 8 new trojan definitions: XUpload.100Monsterman.100Bredo.100Lw Bot.100Bytok.101Banload.100Bytok.100Fishworks.100 Licensed Trojan Hunter users can easily update using Trojan Hunter's Live Update utility. This update adds 24 new trojan definitions: Agent.4568Agent.4567Alureon.179Alureon.178Bredolab.207Buzus.556Buzus.555Buzus.554Buzus.553Dr Wal.100Fake AV.117Fraud Pack.166Fraud Tool. If you are using the trial version of Trojan Hunter, please see for instructions on how to update to the latest ruleset. Updates/1250829608An updated Trojan Hunter ruleset is available. Cinmus.178Banker.182Bi Frose.551Bredolab.219Bredolab.218Buzus.564Fake Smoke.100Fraud Tool. Agent.549Small.878Small.877Spambot.236TDSS.412TDSS.411TDSS.410TDSS.409TDSS.408TDSS.407TDSS.406TDSS.405TDSS.404TDSS.403TDSS.402TDSS.401TDSS.400Tedroo.126Trojan Downloader.

If you are using the trial version of Trojan Hunter, please see An updated Trojan Hunter ruleset is available.

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This update adds 64 new trojan definitions: Adware.

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Please remember to be considerate of other members.To utilize the newest (Version 5) intelligent updater on older versions of SMSMSE, a patch must be applied to allow the older versions to recognize the definitions supplied by the newer IU.