Wep validating identity

04-Oct-2020 18:35

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Write back your results so I know if you got it fixed.

The online check module confirms whether the structure of the TIN you enter is valid (types and number of characters). algorithm/internal logic) only when the national authority has informed us of the algorithm.

When you write such an app, you'll make requests to AWS services that must be signed with an AWS access key.

Using an Id P helps you keep your AWS account secure, because you don't have to embed and distribute long-term security credentials with your application.

For most scenarios, we recommend that you use Amazon Cognito because it acts as an identity broker and does much of the federation work for you.

For details, see the following section, Using Amazon Cognito for Mobile Apps.

Our service will scan the document with our checking algorithms, depending the document type: national ID card, passport, driving licence,..., and the information will be extracted to be authenticated.

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