When did saif ali khan and kareena kapoor start dating

01-Apr-2020 09:41

They officially started dating after Shahid and Kareena’s much publicized and bitter split in Oct 2007.And we guess there was a strong mutual attraction that only served to grow stronger and their love for each other steadily grew and grew.Kareena’s family is a rather famous Punjabi Hindu family, her mother Babita and dad Randhir Kapoor are well respected names in the industry, although mother Babita is ahead in that regard. Kareena’s dad, Randhir Kapoor, never quite hit the heights that he showed promise for, or that certain other members of the illustrious Kapoor family (including his brother, Rishi) managed to hit, a reason that has been cited for Babita leaving him in 1988. Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore (who converted to Islam before marrying the Nawab of Pataudi), he is every bit of a Nawab himself, and has an equally interesting back story.In fact, rumour has it that Babita wasn’t too keen on her daughter carrying on with Shahid, who wasn’t (according to Babita) an A-lister and wouldn’t go on to have the sort of career that, well, would entitle him to be with Kareena. Considering that Babita was keen on both her daughters (the lovely Karishma being the other, of course) becoming film actresses, she didn’t want her daughter to be with the not-so-illustrious Shahid. Unfortunately, we can’t go into it in full detail except to say that Saif is a bit of a heart-breaker, but it’s important to remember that he was the one who fell for, wooed and planned to secretly marry Saif’s transgressions which include several affairs didn’t go down too well with Amrita, and after a while the Chota Nawab decided that he had sufficiently fallen out of love and wanted to get on to other things, like Kareena.[Read More: Amrita Singh’s Marriage ]The rest, as we know is hist… October 16, 2012 was the date when the Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor wedding happened, but let’s first start with the sangeet!Of course, Bollywood stalwarts made up a large part of that number and seen were Shah Rukh Khan with wife Gauri in tow, Sonam Kapoor who came along with dad Anil Kapoor, the lovely Amrita Arora of course had to make an appearance and she did just that flanked by Shakeel Ladak, her husband.Celebrated and expected names like Tusshar Kapoor, Karan Johar and Priety Zinta were present and having a blast, and representation from the families was no less in number or glamour as Randhir and Babita (having reconciled earlier) were there to bless their daughter and her husband.It was a simple affair that involved two people who were very much in love with each other, and who had decided to commit themselves to each other, that’s all. Kareena went on to add ‘Khan’ to her name and is now known as Kareena Kapoor Khan, which is quite an intimidating name for an intimidating beauty, isn’t it?

The lovely Soha Ali Khan was seen sporting an ear to ear smile, and she was in the company of Saif’s children (with Amrita) Ibrahim and Sara, who themselves were in high spirits.

, where the lead pair’s sizzling chemistry was evident right from the beginning to the audience.

Still, the two were quite different in real life, and their relationship soon became the talking point for all and sundry.

The dinner was of course a private affair so we, unfortunately, can’t bring you the delectable fare on offer.

The final and most important part of the entire saga was the actual Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor wedding, and much to the surprise of many a folk, it was a simple registered marriage that the couple opted to go for after the necessary rituals and tradition had been paid heed to.The terrace was covered to prevent nosy media persons from getting a look in, but if you’re keen to check out who all were in attendance, and how good they looked wearing what, check out the video below:[Read More: Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding ]Mehndi was a more reserved and traditional affair with Kareena looking exceptional in a pretty pink saree while Saif looked his usual stylish and suave self in a tux.